Not sure there is enough paper in the world….
Check it out:

Obama had a head of steam coming out of the last election. Got re-elected. Felt like he had a mandate. And so between the inaugural address in January and the State of the Union you mentioned at the beginning of February, those two speeches he laid out a very progressive and aggressive agenda. And almost none of it has been fulfilled.

Why? Well he would make the case and his aides do that there has been steep Republican opposition to a lot of these initiatives like immigration reform we can’t ignore that.

But on top of that this President’s trustworthiness has taken a big hit. Because of not just, you know, the broken promises from 2008. But more recent after he became president when he said if you like your plan you can keep your plan, period. He put that you know exclamation at the end. It didn’t turn out to be true. That has wounded him and that is going to demand a whole new game plan from him in January and beyond if he has any chance of salvaging this.

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