When the phony media fanfare and wild applause from partisans fades away, the broken promises will still be broken, and the failures will still exist — with millions of new victims on tap.
Check it out:

President Obama’s (second) “Mission Accomplished” pep rally on behalf of his unpopular signature accomplishment was as shrill, demagogic and dishonest as one might expect. Especially insulting was his feigned confusion over why Republicans are so “angry” about people getting healthcare. Yeah, that’s it. People aren’t angry about millions of consumers losing the preferred coverage and doctors after being misled by Democrats’ “lie of the year.” People aren’t furious over steep premium increases and shocking out-of-pocket costs. They’re not upset that their hours are being reduced, or that the taxpayer-funded “cost curve” has been bent up, or that their new coverage options are severely limited. No, they’re mad that some individuals are gaining coverage, or whatever. This president routinely seems pathologically incapable of making an intellectually honest argument — let alone a generous one — even as he celebrates himself as a pragmatic non-ideologue. He informed the public that when Healthcare.gov crashes again (which he concedes will inevitably happen) it “won’t be news,” and declared the debate over repealing the harmful law “over.” Voters may see things differently this fall. Also precious was Obama’s mind-bending commentary about how, unlike the other side, Obamacare supporters didn’t undertake a big budget PR campaign to make a hard sell to the public. Apparently taxpayer money doesn’t count. As I wrote yesterday, there’s no sense in freaking out over the latest expression of Obama’s trademark smug mendacity. Yesterday’s address was yet another speech in an endless string of words on the subject, and Barack Obama’s words passed the “diminishing returns” threshold long ago.

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