It has been said that “once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made”.
My thinking is that once you can fake sincerity you can be President. A survey taken just before the last election showed that Americans thought Romney was more capable of running the country than Obama. The same survey showed that people thought Obama cared more about them than Romney did.

So if I understand this thinking, people want the country run by the less qualified person because he worries more about them. If these same people were hiring someone to run their family business would they accept less than the most qualified person. I’ll bet they wouldn’t. Truth be told, Obama worries about Obama and promoting his agenda. The fake sincerity is a means to an end. But he convinced enough of the population to believe it to be elected twice.

One group, that mostly didn’t fall for his line, was the senior population. I happen to be a member of that fine group of citizens. We’ve be around a while and have been conned before. We have the scars of battle and have learned not to believe what a person says. We watch what that person does. What Obama has done has not been good for seniors.

In the normal course of things, government number crunchers report on inflation around October. The administration then assigns a cost of living increase to Social Security. When Obama was elected, long before October, he announced no COLA for two years. There was no inflation nor would there be was his reasoning. The secret is that he was not using inflation figures generated by the “Consumer Price Index”. It was said that he used wage inflation figures in a bad jobs market, not price inflation figures where fuel prices doubled and food was up at least ten percent. But the President did see fit to issue a COLA for highly paid government employees.

The next thing is a little more complicated and a little sneakier. Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, has kept interest rates very low. This is the reason that seniors that keep whatever cash they have in banks get practically no interest income on that money. So prices rise, interest goes down, and seniors are in the squeeze.

But it gets worse. The government does “quantitative easing”. Doesn’t that sound nice and friendly? The nice people in Washington are easing things. Not for us they are not. Quantitative easing means running the printing presses and printing lots more money. Millions and millions of dollars. And for every dollar they print the value of every dollar you own goes down a little bit. The big squeeze just got a little tighter.

If anyone thinks that is the end of it, they are wrong. There is plenty more to come under Obamacare alone. Remember when they disparaged Sarah Palin when she brought up “death panels”? They denied that any such thing existed. But surprise, surprise, we find that they have plans for a “medical allocation committee“. “A rose by any other name”. They will be empowered to make life or death decisions on who, how much, and how expensive. So if you’re seventy-five and looking for a heart transplant, I wouldn’t hold me breath, so to speak. Here’s another one that was just announced. The administration is going to tax medical devises. So about that new hip. The price just went up if you can get permission to have one.

We have let the most intrusive president in history into our lives. There is nothing that he isn’t tinkering with because in his mind his ideologue version of America is the best of all possible Americas and a monument to his intelligence and nobility. In my opinion there are really very few out here in the real world that would agree with him. Especially among the senior population.