After a brutal legislative month surrounding the federal debt limit, House conservatives want lawmakers to return to Washington to try to press their advantage against a weakened President Obama.

With the downgrading of federal debt for the first time in history, markets in turmoil and a super committee on deficits soon to convene, fired-up conservative lawmakers say that this is no time for a recess.

“In many ways, it’s a golden opportunity. America is waking up to the consequences of this madness,” a conservative House freshman told Power Play. “We have a chance to shift the discussion and do something about the fiscal recklessness of this administration.”

So far, though, House leaders have been cool to the suggestion that lawmakers return.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor sent a lengthy policy memo to members on Monday outlining where the GOP stood on the downgrade, spending, tax reform and a host of fiscal issues. But this was intended as summer reading, not a call for a special August session.

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