When my wife got pregnant and up until the day she was born, I often questioned whether or not we were going to be able to afford having a child. We were barely making it as it was. The day she was born, we had 37 dollars in our checking account. However, I didn’t know how having that girl was going to change me.

I worked harder and got a raise, my wife got a better job, and when it comes down to it, we made it work and our lives are happier, wealthier, and generally better than before our girl entered our lives.

The conversation that exists when it comes to abortion is an unsolvable equation, between you are killing a baby or you want to control with what happens in a woman’s body. I believe that abortion is immoral, however I honestly don’t feel that the battle for our country’s soul is going to be won through legislation. I also do not believe that morality can or should be legislated. This particular issue would be a nightmare to enforce. I think a practical and ideal way to address if from a contrary position, is to be honest about it. The abortion industry’s business model is telling women that they are too poor, too stupid, too unfortunate, too unlucky, too weak, or too incompetent to do what has been done throughout the age of mammals.

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