All of the mass shootings, including the one in Houston this morning, were in NO GUN ZONES…
History has proven that NO GUN zones are a ridiculous concept and complete failure. Criminals do not abide by the signs.

What the signs accomplish is publicize to criminals that this particular building is a place filled with defenseless people waiting to be victims of their next crime.

I refuse to enter gun free zones. They are forcing law abiding citizens to give up their right to self defense or become criminals by carrying concealed in spite of the signs. If all citizens would enter these gun free zones and inform the property owner that if they are not allowed to conceal carry as legally permitted by their CCL, then that property owner is financially responsible and liable for their lives should anything happen to them while on their property.

I also refuse to do business with businesses that deny me the right to conceal carry on their property.
So… you tell me… which sign is most likely to deter crime? (C) 2013 JAN MORGAN

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