Primary season, the time of year when most members of the political parties start panicking. So far this year we have seen quite a few high profile primaries on the Republican side, with the Tea Party winning a few, but the establishment also hanging on.

For the Tea Party side, we have so far seen College President Ben Sasse win in Nebraska and Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel force a run-off with incumbent Republican Thad Cochran. This race in particular has become a nasty showdown between the two. Support has rallied from across the country for both sides, as national figures such as Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Mark Levin have announced their support for McDaniel. However, fellow establishment Republicans have announced their support for Cochran. One of the most prominent of those figures being Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who also faced a Tea Party challenger this past May. Another key race is taking form in Arkansas, with Conservative war veteran and current Congressman Tom Cotton taking on incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor for the Senate seat there. With Sasse very likely to win the general election in Nebraska and Tom Cotton currently ahead in the polls in Arkansas, it makes sense why McConnell would want to try to keep the establishment Senators in place.

Of course, Minority Leader McConnell will have to win his own election first. Last month he defeated Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin, but now McConnell faces Alison Lundergan Grimes in the general election in November. McConnell showed us during the primary season why he truly is not a Conservative, announcing at the beginning that he was going to “crush the Tea Party.” McConnell then proceeded to pretend to be more Conservative than he really was when facing Bevin. After McConnell somehow defeated Bevin(though less than 400,000 people voted in a state of 3 million, which is the real problem), McConnell has again seemed to change his stance on Obamacare, stating he was unsure whether a repeal was necessary or not. We remember back in the fall of 2013 when Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz led the defund movement, which in the end, McConnell did not back. Right now McConnell and his allies seem to have a problem with Cruz, Lee, Paul and Rubio, but could you imagine if Cotton, Sasse and McDaniel all won as well? The establishment would really have a hard time then.

Unfortunately yesterday RINO Lindsey Graham was able to easily defeat his primary challengers. Conservatives had hoped to break up the McCain-Graham duo, a duo that supported the Syrian and Libyan rebels, more spending, government surveillance and the use of drones. McCain even went as far as to call Rand Paul and several other Conservatives “wacko birds” for their opposition to drone strikes on U.S. citizens. Hopefully more Conservatives in the Senate can offset the influence these two men have. Another race to watch for is New Hampshire, where Scott Brown has moved to face Jeanne Shaheen in the general election. However, polls have Shaheen ahead of Brown at this time. However, none of these races should be ignored as there is still plenty of time left for Conservatives to gain ground and win the seats.

The House of Representatives is set for significant changes this year with the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Cantor, Speaker John Boehner’s right hand man and supporter of amnesty, was defeated yesterday by college professor David Brat. This is a great victory for Conservatives, as another corrupt big government RINO has been defeated. More importantly, this sends a message to Speaker Boehner that the people and the Conservative movement also have a voice Another House race that I am personally watching is in my home district, New York Congressional district 22, where Republican Richard Hanna is currently in office. However, Hanna is facing a tough challenge from Conservative Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney. Tenney has accused Hanna of voting for Obamacare, and having a liberal voting record. Tenney is not wrong, as Hanna last year did not vote to defund Obamacare, being one of two Republicans in the House to vote that way. This is a key race to get an establishment Republican out, and put in a Conservative who will stand up for our rights.

The race for the Senate this year is likely to be a tossup, so we likely will not know until we get closer to Election Day who wins the Senate this year. As much as I would like to see the Republican Party win the Senate, I would prefer to see Conservatives in charge. The establishment Republicans who stand for supporting people such as the Libyan and Syrian rebels, or taking away our rights, or endless spending will not help our country in any way. One of the issues in our country right now is that our leaders are too busy playing politics instead of leading. We need to elect leadership that is willing to listen to the people, and be accountable to their constituents. We also need leaders who will follow the Constitution, and I believe Sasse, Cotton and McDaniel will stand with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee to follow the Constitution and ensure that others are following it as well. In the House our leaders are actually more accountable, so each person in each district should be watching their races and determining who the better candidates are. It is only with an informed public and strong leaders that we are able to make our country stronger.