As if anyone really needed more evidence that gun control zealots don’t give a damn about safety or preventing violence but really just want to CONTROL people, I give you Anna Eskamani. Eskamani is a your general all around liberal true believer.

A self proclaimed, “Organizer, Writer and Feminist”, Eskamani has a extensive history of fighting for abortions being the Regional Manager for Florida Planned Parenthood PAC, the Director of External Affairs for Greater Orlando Planned Parenthood and the former Young Leaders Advisory Council Leadership Chair for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Suffice it to say that Anna Eskamani believes in abortion.

Coincidentally enough, since Ms Eskamani doesn’t believe in protecting the life of unborn children viewpoint has recently evolved to ensuring that children who are born also are denied protection.

I’m referring to a recent article that Eskamani penned for the Central Florida Future.

In it Eskamani vehemently comes out AGAINST telling children to leave guns alone.
From the article:

I found myself examining the cover of this thin children’s book. The title was Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle and plastered on the cover was a giant white eagle holding a naked baby in its feather-hand with two other young children playing and running around it. The subtitle read, “The Attic Secret.”

As I flipped through the pages of this children’s activity book, my innocent curiosity quickly shifted to annoyance and then disgust. This was a book written for preschoolers to first graders with the intent of teaching kids not to play with the guns that they find through the hero-like advice of a large talking bird. This alone is an unlikely scenario; and the crux of the story revolved around a rifle in a grandmother’s basement — another falsity in modern life because in reality, millions of children live in homes with guns and more than half of parents do not keep their guns locked and unloaded.

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