Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) hosted a packed forum about immigration reform in her home district of Houston, Texas last week. For anyone concerned about the specter of “comprehensive” immigration reform becoming legal reality, the event provided two cold, hard slaps in the face.

The first, and expected smack was how the one-sided event completely ignored the very real problems the nation faces regarding immigration and jobs. The second, more stinging blow came with the realization that the anti-amnesty calvary didn’t arrive; while hundreds of pro-reform voices filled Houston’s City Hall, only three adults showed up to make the case against the deeply flawed, nation-altering comprehensive immigration reform proposal.

For months, the political class in Washington has demagogued, tinkered with, marked-up, and finagled the immigration issue that President Barack Obama hopes will be the centerpiece of his second term. The voices against the institutional left-backed comprehensive immigration reform plan have been muted, and the proposal has even received support from the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce.

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