Is this too much reality for teenagers?

A recent pro-life protest in Columbus, Ohio, drew a heated response from a neighbor upset by the group’s graphic depiction of aborted fetuses on signs across from his house. It’s also sparked questions of how far is too far when it comes to showing images of abortion.

The signs of demonstrators, led by pro-life group Created Equal, were destroyed by an unidentified man outside Beechcroft High School in Columbus earlier this month.

“Get them off or I’ll take them,” says the man, who identifies himself as a homeowner across the street from the school. A video released by the group shows him kicking, bending and breaking the corrugated plastic signs, then throwing them into the street, despite oncoming traffic.

In the video, the man can also be seen shouting at demonstrators, and taking the group’s signs out of the hands of Jami Beer, Created Equal’s director of campus outreach. He can be heard objecting to the graphic nature of the signs, which depict what Beer called “the aftermath of abortion”—the remnants of aborted children.

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