“On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question, on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves.” –Joseph Warren, Boston Massacre Oration, 1775


Across America, progressive left-leaning liberals are at war with Christianity and our Judeo-Christian traditions upon which the founding fathers based the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  The reason for the progressives’ atheistic battle is to establish that, there being no God, there could not be any God-given inalienable rights; hence all rights come from an imaginary Social Compact which is now represented by The State and is subject to be altered or modified by its member society as needed.

If you read that last sentence carefully, you will notice the last words are “modified by its member society as needed.”   This should be your first clue there’s something troubling about the progressive view.  Something as omnipotent as religion should not BE modified “as needed.”  The word “religion” comes from the Latin word religio, the bond between man and the gods. (Webster 1980)  There is great arrogance in those who believe they can tinker with something as universally powerful and authoritative as the religious bond between a man and his god.  Yet progressives are not concerned about arrogance.  For them, arrogance is just another tool in the box.  The end justifies the means.  So if there is no God, then there cannot be such a thing as “God-given inalienable rights.”  The State takes the place of God just that easily when you apply progressive logic, and generations of religious tradition area swept with it.

But why would progressives (the liberal left) want to remove thousands of years of cultural tradition and the God head?  Removal of God is key to establishing the American founding had nothing whatsoever to do with God’s desire to show his children a better way to solve civilization’s problems.

Progressive/liberal left tactic #1: You really don’t need a God at all in this life.

Life in ancient times was extremely difficult.  Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary AMERICA unpacked this concept very well.  People and life itself were not regarded as sacred or God-given by most of the known world.  Therefore, human beings were considered disposable chattel for the more powerful to use to advance their agendas.  Little about this has changed even today (incessant wars).  In ancient times, power was ascribed by brute strength and number of disposable assets, and if you wanted something or someone that belonged to someone else, you took it through war.  In modern times, power is ascribed as the manipulation by those with the most money having the ability to take from the Earth or other human beings whatever assets they believe can add to their store of wealth and increasing power.

Historical accounts of civilizations prior to the 16th century detail a common person’s life of drudgery and little or no control over his life and personal freedoms.  The most common means to obtain property was to take it away from someone else by force.  Slavery dates to ancient times, and wars of conquest mark historical milestones.  The kings and lords lived the ancient equivalent of a life of leisure, while commoners worked themselves to death to make it possible.  Religion always existed in some form or another, but it could be taken away by the sword with each new conquest.  That is until 3760 B.C.E., marked by the Jewish calendar as The Creation.

Anthropologists and archaeologists have proven man or man-like creatures have existed for thousands of years.   Ancient wretched conditions applied to all The Created.  The Bible and the Jewish holy books record much of the history of “God’s Chosen People” commencing with Adam and Eve.  It is this history which is important to the founding principles of America at the point where God’s grand experiment begins through the people who came down through Adam and Eve to become those brave souls who settled in the New World to make a better life.

Enter Progressive liberal left tactic #2.   Socialist liberals think they are the only “Chosen People” in terms of whose views and ideas are to be accepted and adopted by the world.

The desire for religious freedom inspired much of the early American immigration, as did the early Americans’ desire to apply their hard work towards their nascent entrepreneurial ambitions.  In all other places in the world at the time, entrepreneurial pursuits were actually discouraged, as the working class were looked down upon and kept poor and without property so states could advance the agendas of the wealthy and powerful.  It was extremely difficult to own property protected by law.  It would seem that little has changed today throughout most of the world’s population, but make no mistake about it.  Americans ARE different.  By divine design, “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” 

For the first 300 years in the American (English) colonies, people brave enough to come here struggled to get a foothold in the New World.  Then in the late 1700’s, a group of men and women who would later become known as our founding fathers, sat down to invent a better way of life.  Far from England, America was becoming more prosperous and settled; so England determined it was time to siphon more wealth from the people who had struggled and risked so much to birth America.  The founding fathers had other ambitions.   Ambitions to live in freedom from religious oppression and unfair taxation without representation.

These rebels believed God had brought this mix of hardy individuals from Europe and other nations of the world to America with the sole purpose of inventing something righteous and self-evidently good and truthful, based on Christian tenets having deep roots in Judaism and the notion of “God’s Chosen People.”  Over the centuries before and after the birth of Christ, the Jews were scattered to the four corners of the world as was prophesied, and many of the descendants of early Israel thus also migrated to America.  The radical views of Christianity and the ways of Jesus, a Jew, and his Jewish followers, embed themselves into the very fabric of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This, mixed with a rich brew of healthy freedoms and a new power and pride found in working for yourself and your family in a rigorous new land, created an entrepreneurial, God-fearing people they would call “Americans.”

It was a way of life that would forever challenge the crude ways in which civilizations were evolving to that point. America became a true melting pot of ideas and values from every corner of the world, ideas shared and used to establish a lifestyle and cultural belief system that would rival anything yet known anywhere else in the world and which would eventually influence all nations of the Earth. Conquests with indigenous people for property occurred within the North American continent as it had on every other continent.  The history of this conquest still remains one of the most difficult for Americans to rationalize.  Lands on the northern and southern borders under conquest by Spain and France were purchased or traded to expand the nation from ocean to ocean.  In the mid 1800’s, Americans fought a civil war in which one of the primary issues was the abolition of black, white, brown, red, or yellow slavery.  This had never occurred anywhere else in the world to that point.  There were few cultural norms birthed by America that existed anywhere else on Earth.  In a short time, as compared to the evolution of other civilizations, America became the world’s most exceptional nation and the desired destination for oppressed people everywhere.

Progressive liberal left tactic #3:  It is of the utmost importance for liberals to expunge any notion of American exceptionalism from the psyche of the population.  Instead, lies and guilt of the darkest kind would be visited on the American people by those with socialist/Marxist views, as taught by none other than Marxist Saul Alinsky, mentor to none other than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  No matter that what they purported as truth was actually untrue; it was one of the “Rules for Radicals” as defined by Alinsky; and so, if you followed a Marxist, you had to break down the notion of American exceptionalism.  The imperative of our left-leaning liberals became to divide and conquer the people of this exceptional nation, whether it be black and white, brown and white, men and women. Race and other equally insidious gender/identity politics are just one of the ways progressives work to stamp out exceptionalism and unity.  Exceptional Individuality is painted as being dangerous.

Immigrants continue to come here because America is the land of hope and opportunity.   But mostly, it is known for its Liberty and Justice for All.  Every generation living in America believed the gifts of America were guaranteed, but over the last 100 years, it has become increasingly apparent that Liberty and our way of life have to be reseeded within each new generation.  Freedom isn’t free.  And since the late 19th century, the seeds of progressive socialism/communism have been stealthily, quietly, slowly threatening to turn the American standards of exceptionalism upside down.   Communist/Marxist ideologies have been rooted in every nation of the world over the last century and did not die with the Cold War as many believe. Over time, they have taken up residency within the American media, schools, churches, and government agencies as we see today, threatening the freedoms and the rule of law that uphold American ideals.  It is as if a Satanic apparition moved into the world in the form of progressivism and seeks to take apart the cultural anthropology that serves as America’s beacon to the world – our American way of life.

Progressive liberal left tactic #4.  Take over and move into the media, educational institutions, churches, and government bodies to quietly, stealthily, slowly change the Patriot principles into those of the socialist/Marxist ideals and objectives.  In fact, D’Souza’s documentary America proves how Hillary Clinton’s greatest socialist/Marxist contribution in our time was actually developing and instituting a plan to take over one of the political parties, the Democrats, so that progressives could be seated in the government power centers of our nation where laws and society could then be infiltrated by socialism’s tenets and BECOME LAW!   This had never been attempted before in America.  Hillary’s radical views and debilitating blows to Liberty can be seen all across America in just her generation.

That should scare you.  Or at least wake you up unless you think you would like to see American communism in full flower in your lifetime.  That is truly our choice.  That is what we are up against.  And with so many Marxists/progressives in the Democratic party and the current Obama administration, this is no chicken-little claim.  The 2014 midterm elections should give us hope, but we are fools if we let down our guard and fail to remain vigilant in terms of what our elected officials do in our state governments and in Washington.  Understand that progressives will do anything to get other progressives elected to positions of power in American government. We the People cannot afford to become complacent because they won’t.

America has never been closer to cultural/societal values destruction than she is today.  The 2014 midterm election outcomes reflect the fact Americans are beginning to wake up and notice the dismantling of our nation’s values and open market system by the Obama administration and Democrat progressives who believe they can get away with it by passing laws that grow our government ever bigger and more controlling.  The rule of law is derided again and again as we see our government officials across the spectrum betraying our founding principles in favor of greedy socialist practices. Capitalism is being attacked with the intention of correcting a “false inequality” being sold by progressives who live and work among us.

Progressive liberal left tactic #5.  These are the people who would take the wealth of hard working people and redistribute it to those who find it easier to live on the dole.  Social re-engineering policies that started in 1965 with Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s intentions of uprooting poverty have instead enslaved 50,000,000 Americans without a shot being fired.  It remains to be seen if the Republicans can turn the tide of destruction that has descended on our nation.

Can America be REBORN?  Or will the sirens of the Dark Side have their way?  Can those still untainted in the Democratic Party remain solidly on Liberty’s side?  You can imagine the chaos and confusion caused by this split, as not every Democrat looks to socialism/communism as our saving grace.  What about the Republicans?  Most have grown fat and happy during Obama’s and Reid’s choke hold on Congress.  Little work is getting done yet big salaries are still being paid.  The Tea Party movement is an attempt to reverse course and start re-sizing our bloated government and get back to the basics of our founding fathers’ visions for this nation.  Hearing this Veteran’s Day 2014 the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald declare “the firings have begun” may start to put the brakes on the taxpayer funded free-for-all in Washington. Holding the law breakers accountable is a good first step towards retaking the peoples’ America.   Thanksgiving and Christmas just came early for us this year.

Oh, by the way, with Christmas less than six weeks away, all of us will experience or at least read about the pouty, angry folks who do not want their children exposed to “Christmas” programs at school or who despise the village Nativity Scene.  When that happens, as you know it will, think about why it is happening.  Ask yourself, “What role then does political correctness serve in the progressive agenda?  Political correctness is the mask the liberals pull over our faces to further advance any of the progressive views spelled out by this article.  Bill O’Reilly on Fox News explains it better than anyone:

“Secular Progressives are running wild with President Obama and the White House. They feel unchained, liberated and they are trying to diminish any form of religion. The goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs.” ~Bill O’Reilly, March 21, 2013, The Factor, Fox News

The bigger question is this: knowing what you know now, will you let them get away with it?