You can hear these claims from all kinds of people who used to work with WWP.
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I wrote an article at the end of 2014 “Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud” discussing how little of the donations that the Wounded Warrior Project gets actually goes to helping veterans in need.

From the hundreds of comments that article received, a vase majority of people echoed their own personal frustration in dealing with the Wounded Warrior Project and how they were made to feel more like stage props for fundraising campaigns than actual human beings in need.

Of course, there were a few vehement, “head in the sand” supporters of the WWP who accused me of being anti veteran (even though I am a vet myself) and of anyone who said anything bad about the WWP as being ungrateful or having a nefarious ulterior motive.

Even when I engaged these blind followers and told them about how the breakdown of money is spent they turned a deaf ear or even worse, claimed that only spending 47-52% of donations to ACTUALLY use for the purported cause was GOOD, because other charities were worse.

Unsurprising they became obstinate when I rattle off a number of veteran charities that spend over 90% of donations directly helping vets. Places like the Phoenix Patriot Foundation or Fisher House.

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