A medical examiner testified that George Zimmerman’s injuries were “insignificant” and could have been the result of a single blow as prosecutors continued to make their case that the neighborhood watch volunteer was not simply defending himself when he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
Dr. Valerie Rao, who was called by the prosecution to provide her assessment of Zimmerman’s injuries based on photos, cast doubt on Zimmerman’s claim his head was repeatedly bashed against the pavement as he fought with Martin in the Feb. 26, 2012 incident.
“The injuries are so minor that the word slam implies great force,” Rao said in response to questioning by prosecutor John Guy. “There was not great force used here.”
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Rao said Zimmerman’s injuries were not only “not life threatening” but were also “very insignificant.” She said the injuries to the back of Zimmerman’s head were consistent with hitting the ground but the injuries on his face were from consistent with one punch or strike.

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