Snaza and Meyer’s letter stated that they had no interest in nabbing people who inadvertently break the law.

“We wanted to make sure that the citizens of Lewis County knew that we weren’t looking to make criminals out of ordinary citizens,” Meyer said, according to KOMO, which reported:

Meyer and Snaza are the first elected officials to come out publicly saying I-594 is too over-reaching. They put this message out because they feel there’s too much confusion about I-594 and they want to make it clear about what they’ll do and what they won’t do.

“‘We’re not going to try to trap citizens into transferring a gun to a friend and then try to nab them on a violation of 594,” Meyer said. “That’s not what we’re interested in.”

People who voted against the initiative say they like what they’re hearing. Plus, they believe the enforcement would be too costly.

“And to go out of their way to find people, it’s going to be costing taxpayers more money,” said Centralia resident Leonard Hoffman.

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