Pssst psst psst. Did. You. Hear. What. America. Did?!

Let’s face it, People….we are the talk of the…world. And, not in a good way either. What Edward Snowden has done in exposing the government’s inappropriate and unconstitutional surveillance has made the rest of the world kind of…uh…hate us. Were you ever the guy or girl in high school who happened to be in the bathroom stall as a slander slinger made rounds in the hallway saying, “Carly totally cheated on a test! Pass it on!” or “Carly said that Jamie is mean!” Then, you came out of the stall to horrified looks and judgey sneers.

Yeah. That’s what’s happening. Given the disturbing and true information that Edward Snowden exposed, the world isn’t exactly ready to cast our nation’s name for Queen on the Homecoming Court ballot. Not only is the world no longer smiling in our direction, but our own country has been washed in anti-patriotism.

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