I just couldn’t make sense of anything this week. As a long term hostage in a society dedicated to Liberal La La Land Lies, I am used to looking at things sideways and backwards and upside down to find logic, reason, commons sense, or just plain thought lines that connect. But this past week was totally unexplainable.

We have arrived at what might be termed Full Progressive Inversion. To maintain the constant state of anger and victimhood that constitutes the arterial system of any modern progressive one must not see any reality. All reality must be obscured, denied, obliterated. Full Progressive Inversion is now viral and has infected whole swaths of the general population. It long ago wiped out the media’s sense of fair play; there is simply no place to turn if you are looking for just the facts. There is also no loyal opposition. Republicans are left of center; they are only a little less crazy than the hard left.

“It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to,” Republican Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan said of Obamatrade in Rules Committee testimony on Wednesday.

Why is a trade agreement being hidden utilizing the sort of security measures one might expect for nuclear secrets? Trade agreements are the people’s business. The fact that the people’s business is under lock and key in order to keep it from the people should bother Republicans like Ryan. Mr. Ryan, you and your party are traitors to reason and to your countrymen. Double super-secret trade agreements suggest collusion between business and government. This collusion is probably not truly in the best interest of the people you were elected to represent. I bet it is great for the Corporate Interests that elect to fund Mr. Ryan’s campaigns.

Transparency. All of our politicians crow about their transparency. They broadcast of their transparency, brag of it, promote themselves based upon it, promise it, and claim to deliver it while locking trade agreements behind guarded doors.

A country that is literally full of it probably deserves nothing more.

I’ll give you some transparency.

Bruce Jenner ain’t a woman. It is an inversion of the truth, the talk of the town, and a load of bull dressed in Hollywood makeup and Victoria’s Secret discards, sold at auction and scarfed up by a society clinging to lies and deception for some reason that must be sad and awful to contemplate.

If “scientists” just “manipulate” some “data” and “discover” no “pause” in “global warming”, then every other word we hear is an inversion, a deception, a lie. Happened just this week, the same week Paul Ryan assured us of his transparency and ESPN gave its hero’s award to a guy named Bruce who goes by the alias Caitlynn.

A large group of teens crashed a private pool, harassed innocent patrons, ran from the police, and got a cop to resign because he did something wrong. Place yourself in the middle of that melee with two teens rushing at you from behind and see if you react in a completely “appropriate” manner.

I suppose it is easier to empathize with Paul Ryan trying to do the people’s business while hiding that business from them. Easier to understand the torture an Olympic Decathlon Champion has endured being trapped in a healthy Olympic Decathlon Champion male body for 65 torturous years. A cop wanting to arrive safely home to see his children of an evening? Who could possibly empathize with that? That must be a lie, a deception, an inversion.

So our week continues on its merry, lie filled way. Rachel Dolezal is President of the Spokane NAACP chapter. Dolezal’s parents say, contrary to all appearances, Rachel is of German and Czech extraction; a Caucasian. Really, that’s okay with us because white people should be concerned with the advancement of colored people. Good for her.

Dolezal said she does not consider her biological parents her real parents.

Bruce Jenner does not consider his biological body his real body.

Race hucksters do not consider biological cop’s reactions biological.

Climate scientists do not consider raw date real data.

Paul Ryan does not consider hidden papers hidden.

Dolezal claimed threatening letters were delivered to the chapter’s post office box. There was no date stamp or bar code on the envelope according to a police report. It is doubtful that the Post Office delivered these vile and threatening letters. How did they get there?

I put together a theory. You see, they aren’t threatening letters at all, they are the super- double secret trade agreement papers that were hidden until the beautiful super-secret double agent Caitlynn Jenner spirited them away while the cop was pretending to be super-scared in order to distract our attention so the super-secret documents could be super-secretly moved to a super double secret PO Box that magically produces threatening letters and alters temperature data so that it will align with models based upon super-secret exaggerated data and meld with the super-duper secret trade agreement, producing super double secret information that must be hidden from view for the next two centuries in order for Paul Ryan to save all of mankind for our sake and the sake of our children, the future.

It is the only explanation that makes sense.