Counting months turned into counting days, and soon I’ll be counting the hours until polls close on election Day here in Virginia. It’s been a nearly non-stop battle over Virginia’s voters since I first moved to Virginia. With some sort of election every November (the ads on TV, YouTube, and Pandora don’t ever stop), there is always a candidate and a campaign looking for a “few good interns.” So after the rough loss last November (although the team here in Hampton Roads managed to carry the largest city in Virginia, Virginia Beach, for Romney) I was hesitant to drag myself out of the waters of political sadness to clamber onto another boat aimed at yet more rocky shores. But, less than a month after Election Day of 2012, I was already on a few new campaigns. I found my preferred slate of conservative candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and State Delegate, and started helping out in late November.

What, you may ask, possessed me to rebound back onto more campaigns? Well alongside my inability to sit on the sidelines, Virginia has had an odd experience with election cycles. In General Election years, the state was solid red – until 2008, that is. President Obama turned the state blue then, but in the next election cycle, when most of the state-level offices were on the ballot, the state was once again red, and sent a republican slate to the state capitol, Richmond.

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