About forty years ago there was a clothing merchant up on
Broadway at Third Street who was doing a pretty fair business
with well-heeled local clientele.  He had a little trouble
with inventory, however, and the problem perplexed him to no
end.  There seemed to be a bright purple suit hanging on the
rack far too long and really was more of a distraction than an
asset.  So, as he was getting ready to take a vacation, he
told his salesmen that there was a $50 bonus for anyone who
sold the suit while he was gone.  He kept thinking about this
offer all the while he was supposed to be enjoying a time away
from work.  Bosses are like that.

When he returned and entered his shop, his lingering thoughts
of purple were still very fresh on his mind.  His immediate
glance around the shop, however, dispelled his apprehensions;
the suit was nowhere in sight.  As one salesman approached him
and welcomed him back, the boss asked him about the suit.  Joe
said “Arvid sold it!”  About that time Arvid came into sight
and the boss’s first reaction was horror.  Arvid was virtually
swathed in bandages.  The boss asked, “Arvid, what in the
world happened to you?”  Arvid replied, “I sold your suit.”
“Did you have to fight to do it?” asked the boss.  “No,” Arvid
replied; “selling the suit was no problem…but his seeing-eye
dog nearly killed me!”

Well, we have a purple suit salesman in the Whitehouse and
would be much better off if we had the seeing-eye dog.  But,
actually, we had those for several years now but the suit
keeps getting sold.  And there seem to be more than a few
folks out there trying to buy one of the ugly things, or with
a suit that won’t fit; can’t wear; is the most ugly thing to
hit this country since slavery and they’re stuck with it.  The
bonus is: wear one or pay a fine.  Right now there appears to
be more of the latter.  Not all blind.  Wouldn’t it be
hilarious if we invested a few bucks in five purple suits;
sent one each to Obama, Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi and Reid?
With a note, “Wear it, so you can see if it fits.” And, oh
yes, another note declaring that if they didn’t wear it, they
would have to pay a fine.  Actually, in this case, purple
would fit very well with the mentality that exists in the
highest office in the land.  But, there again, this tends to
dishonor purple – which has always implied regality.

Of course, we may have to order them from China – our industry
has gone belly-up over the years with devastating taxes, EPA
rules, Union demands and “government knows best in
everything.”  But it would help China get rid of their excess
purple.  And they might even consider us one of their friends
again.  Thinking more about it, perhaps patchwork purple would
suffice – more in tune with Obamacare, piece by piece!