Now, this Syria business. If you listen to John Kerry, is it true that we’re going to war over the claim that there are weapons of mass destruction in Syria? That’s what chemical weapons are. Haven’t we already seen this movie? Haven’t we all seen it? The very people now thinking of taking us into war in Syria, aren’t they the ones who steadfastly opposed this in Iraq? And then aren’t these the same people that threw a party, practically, when there were no WMDs found?

Now, Obama’s secretary of state, John Kerry, claims there is “undeniable evidence” that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its civilians. Undeniable. Now, is that as undeniable as they say global warming evidence is? How about is it as undeniable as the threat to all of our embassies a couple of weeks ago? Speaking of that, do you remember when we shut down 21 embassies on a Sunday? Al-Qaeda has piped up and said, “We didn’t do it!”

Now, that’s never done. Normally, Al-Qaeda would be out claiming credit for having the power to make us shut down 21 embassies. Al-Qaeda is saying, “We didn’t do anything here,” which is so out of character. You almost have to believe ’em. I mean, this is really tough. On the one hand, the regime says that Al-Qaeda was planning an attack on oil installations in Yemen, and for that reason we had to close 21 embassies on a Sunday, and then for the following week.

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