Is there anyone who does not believe that Americans would benefit from harmony between and among the races? Racial discord can tear a nation apart and set people against each other on the basis of nothing but skin color. Just look around you. The races were at war in the years leading up to the Civil Rights movement and they are still battling in spite of the gains made by the movement. The virulent effects of racial discord on American society were why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed that one day Americans would judge each other by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. A lot of Americans of all races share Dr. King’s dream. I certainly do. There has been progress since those turbulent days of freedom riders, bus boycotts, sit-ins, and protest marches—there is no question about that. But the unfortunate reality is that nearly 50 years after Dr. King’s death, his dream remains just that: a dream.

I doubt that Dr. King’s closest followers ever imagined that in the aftermath of his assassination fanning the flames of racial discord would become a political strategy for one of America’s major political parties. For those of us who remember the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960s and early 70s, few would have thought that the Democrat Party would knowingly and systematically appeal to envy and resentment to set the races against each other for political advantage. By setting successful people—white and black—up as the enemy, the Democrat Party has been able to convince minorities that the hardships they often suffer are engineered by an exploitive majority that is committed to holding them back and keeping them down; a perception that has: 1) Ensured that racial resentment and anger persist in America; and 2) Turned minorities into a dependable voting bloc for the Democrat Party.

A sad truth Americans must face up to is that liberals in America don’t want racial harmony. In fact, they fear reconciliation among the races above all else because racial harmony will negate their most potent and effective political weapons: class envy, racial resentment, and the entitlement mentality. This is why black Americans who are successful and conservative are vilified by liberals—both black and white—as “traitors” and “Uncle Toms.” To those who need minorities to remain dependent subjects of the government—in a word, Democrats—it is scary to see blacks, Hispanics, and Asians turn their back on government handouts and build better lives for themselves on the basis of hard work, initiative, and entrepreneurship. In fact, the specter of independent, self-sufficient minorities represents the American left’s worst nightmare.

Liberals and their political organ—the Democrat Party—need minorities to believe that government dependence represents the best way of life for them because only if they believe this can their votes be purchased with largesse from the federal treasury. If minorities ever realize what many have—that they can do better for themselves than the government will ever do for them—the Democrat Party will become irrelevant over night. Fortunately for America, but unfortunately for the Democrat Party, as more and more minorities succeed on the basis of their own initiative it is going to be harder and harder for liberals to sell their entitlement snake oil. Successful black Americans who are hated turncoats in the eyes of liberals today will eventually be seen as pioneers by future generations of black Americans and other minorities who turn their backs on government dependence and refuse to be defined by race.

Although it may be hard to believe based on what we see around us daily, racial harmony is coming to America, and liberals cannot stop it. For those who think I am just dreaming or that I must be a blind optimist, stay with me. To understand my thinking on this important subject, one must first understand that much of the racial discord in evidence today is the result of desperation. Liberals who fear losing political power and titans of the race industry who make their living off of racial discord—think of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton— see something most Americans don’t about the future of race relations, and what they see has them frightened into desperation. What they see that is so frightening is an American society that no longer identifies itself by race.

If Americans stop identifying themselves by race—and in spite of desperate attempts to the contrary by liberals this is happening—the most effective strategy of Democrats will quickly lose its relevance and the race industry created by Jesse Jackson and others in the aftermath of Dr. King’s assassination will finally dry up. Desperate liberals have incited so much racial discord since Barack Obama took office that the loss of racial identification can be difficult to see, but it is there if you are paying attention.

The functional question is this: Why are Americans moving away from identification by race? There are several reasons, but the most powerful of these is marriage among the races. Look around you. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians are marrying people of races other than their own and having children that no longer comfortably fit into the boxes the federal government and liberals like to put us in. Even more to the point, the children of mixed race parents do not like being asked to check a box that identifies them by race. Their dad is one race and their mom is another. What box do they check, and how insulting is it to be expected to check some box like “other” or “mixed race”? I have a friend whose parents are of different races. This young man has a unique way of responding on forms that ask for his race. He ignores all of the boxes provided and writes in the words “Daytona 500.” It’s a good response.

Racial identification in America is becoming the victim of one of the oldest principles of Americanism: the melting pot theory. What has historically caused people of all races, cultures, and nationalities to melt together to create that unique thing called an American is a hunger for freedom, opportunity, and self-determination. The desire for these things continues to be a major factor in the American melting pot, but marriage among the races can now be added to the mix and it is a powerful ingredient. Frankly, the federal government cannot print enough boxes on its forms and surveys to capture all of the possible combinations of races that are resulting from mixed-race marriages.

I recently observed the power of marriage among the races in the most ironic of circumstances. I traveled to Monroeville, Alabama to watch the annual enactment of To Kill a Mockingbird in the hometown of its author, Nell Harper Lee. Lee’s best-selling book portrays the bad old days of the Jim Crow south when the word of the most unworthy white person took precedence over the word of the most worthy black person. Here is a story in which an innocent black man is condemned to death by a white jury whose members know he is innocent but convict him anyway because they will not allow the word of a black man to overrule the claims of a white man. In the audience watching the play I saw a black man with a white wife, a white man with a black wife, a black man with an Asian wife, and a Hispanic man with a white wife. This was a stark picture of what is causing liberals to desperately stir up as much racial division as possible while they still can. These mixed-race marriages are resulting in a whole generation of young people who do not identify with any particular race.

Racial harmony will not come to America tomorrow, but it is coming and liberals cannot stop it. Those who depend on racial discord for their political lives and/or their livelihoods won’t give up easily. The more desperate they become the nastier their tactics will be. But no matter how hard one bails, a sinking ship eventually sinks, and the ship that purveyors of racial discord have sailed for so long is definitely sinking.