What other choice did she have?

Citing unwillingness to gamble with security, syndicated radio show host and author Dana Loesch canceled a signing event for her book “Hands Off My Gun” at Texas Christian University due to the school’s policy banning guns, the “conservatarian” talker announced with her apologies Sunday on The Dana Show blog. Noting that on-site security had been provided at previous events by the venue or by her affiliate station, Loesch noted she cannot afford to provide such security for herself in lieu of lawful carry in place of that security “while pretending to be anti-gun, as Moms Demand does.”

“Texas Christian University is committed to providing a safe environment for employees, students and campus visitors,” the private school notes in its policy. “Therefore, the university, in accordance with the Texas Penal Code, prohibits the possession of any firearm or deadly weapon on university property or at university-sponsored events even if an individual has been issued a license by the state.”

Recalling a signing at another store, Loesch recounted a “belligerent” man who pushed through the line, yelled and punched a promotional sign. She also noted threats she has received “regularly from anti-2A folks,” and decided “I’m just not cool with being a sitting duck somewhere or asking any of you to be also.”

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