Ralph Nader — legendary consumer advocate, accused spoiler in the 2000 presidential campaign — is not, to state it mildly, terribly popular among Democrats, who still hold the election of George W. Bush against him.

So the idea, announced Monday, that he is seeking to recruit a slate of liberal stalwarts to mount a primary challenge against President Obama in 2012 is likely to elicit a response — at least among some in the party — ranging somewhere between eye-rolling and teeth-gnashing.

Nader seems not terribly concerned. His response to the 2000 controversy (a tie in Florida, hanging chads, a 5-4 Supreme Court decision stopping the recount and putting Bush in the White House) was to run for president again in 2004 and 2008.

Still, Nader insists the purpose of his latest electoral effort is not to deny Obama the Democratic nomination, or undermine his chances in the general election against whomever the Republicans put up against the president.

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