We don’t care if the liberal interviewers are female or male; rip their rears without regard for gender.

The true enemy of American conservatives and the American Constitution is the liberal media. The most powerful weapon the liberals/socialists/communists/Democrats have is a compliant media, which willingly carries their unchallenged message to an unsuspecting American people, far too many of whom have no idea they are being propagandized every bit as much as Soviet Russians or Mao’s Chinese.

With that in mind, it is difficult to accept the conservative media jumping all over Rand Paul for standing up for himself and his beliefs when being “interviewed” by liberal media harpies whose claws are out, their beaks seeking political blood and their bias and harmful intent clearly and fully evident. To Paul’s everlasting credit, he has set the stage that he will be no Romney or McCain, bullied and battered by a hostile mainstream media, cowering in fear of alienating them and their broadcast powers.

Listening to the crying conservative media, I am appalled at how they are unified in their condemnation of Paul for doing exactly what so many of us out here in flyover country find so refreshing. The Republican who will win my vote in the primaries will do just what Rand Paul has done: stand up against the liberal bullying that all Republican candidates can expect from these media necromancers, who have slavishly sold their professional souls to the cause of world socialism.

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