What are your thoughts on carrying illegally at work?

Puffing on a Padron at Heroes & Legacies, the guys started talking about carrying illegally. No one would admit it publicly, but it was clear I wasn’t the only one who may or may not have carried a firearm where it was illegal to do so. Specifically (or not), CNN 2 . . .

Headline News began life in a cinder block building with no windows. There was one way in and one way out. But there were plenty of way into Massa Turner’s electronic plantation on Techwood Drive. And the security guard at the employees’ entrance was as situationally aware as a narcoleptic can be. To paraphrase the gyro captain in Mad Max II, a smart man might have a weapon hidden while working there.

Then again . . .

I couldn’t have afforded to lose my job at CNN – despite the minimum wage pay. I’d moved from Boston to Atlanta for CNN. If Ted’s coke-sniffing execs had turfed me, my nascent media career would have pulled up to the bumpers, baby. So I didn’t carry a concealed weapon while panning camera number two left and right two inches for eight hours a day during 10-day shifts. Did I?

Fast-forward to today and I’m the proverbial blogger-in-his-pajamas. A guy who can strap on a gun in the morning and wear it all day, anywhere and everywhere – save those places where I can’t (e.g., my daughter’s school, the U.S. Post Office and bars with a 30.06 sign). But I remember what it was like to work in a so-called gun-free zone, and I wonder how many people of the gun secretly pack heat.

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