Rapper “Polatik,” a.k.a. David Saucedo, is an ex-convict who became a Christian, then a husband, father, small business owner, Tea Party activist, freedom fighter, and patriot. He works in his low income section of Waco, Texas as a pastor, businessman, and educator. He teaches his neighbors that big government will keep them down, and welfare will keep them in slavery, but free enterprise can give them The American Dream – the opportunity to move up, and achieve their goals. Capitalism makes more people rich. Socialism makes more people poor. Spread the truth like David Saucedo, a success story and inspiration to all who meet him. Please keep his tiny daughter Leanna in prayer, she has just completed her last chemotherapy treatment. David’s faith in God inspires all of us as we watch him trust the Lord with his precious daughter.

Via VictoriaJacksonShow.com