The world economy is in shambles, the USA has a huge debt problem and China quite literally owns everyone.  This is truly a dark time.  Our politicians have argued and bickered and sought to lay blame for the economic collapse of recent years and instead of solving our problems have actually made things worse – which is quite a feat.  What is the answer to the problems we and the world face?  How can we solve the most difficult economic questions of our day?  My friends, I have the answer.  The only way to fix what ails our economy is to await rescue by the American citizen.

In this election, we must elect the most business friendly, economically conservative candidate possible.  We must elect a candidate who will cut taxes across the board, who will cut spending across the board (perhaps even our defense spending), and who will eliminate restrictive (and expensive) regulatory practices by the government.

Whether liberals like it or not, common sense dictates that the richest amongst us can create the most money.  The more we tax our wealthy, the less money they have to return to the economy.  When billionaire investor Warren Buffet wants to invest his money he does not place it into a vault at the local Bank of America, no, he buys shares of Bank of America.  If we tax him more, he has less money to invest, which means bank of America has less money to lend, which means Joe the Plumber on Main Street can expand his business, which means Jim the Plumber doesn’t get that job offer, which means higher unemployment and less taxes the government can collect.  The dirty little secret the liberal politicians and media don’t want you to know… cutting taxes actually increases tax revenue!  Can’t understand why the government would actually want to collect fewer taxes?  One word – power.  The higher the tax rate, especially on the wealthiest Americans, the greater the power in the federal government’s hands.  If we lower the tax rates across the board, we return the power back to the American citizen to make a difference in the economy.  Our people are our innovators; our people are our engines of change all the government can do is stifle our creativity and our drive.

The next President and Congress not only needs to lower taxes but they must cut spending.  These cuts must be deep and they must be permanent.  These cuts will hurt, and they will hurt everyone.  Welfare, education, the arts, transportation, commerce, defense – there can be NO SACRED COWS.  Our defense budget is the most onerous among conservatives, but honestly can we not better manage our money to fight smarter instead of spending billions on vehicles and weapons that will most likely never get used?  Social security, Medicare, and Medicaid must also go under the knife – and I would argue be eliminated completely.  Perhaps, there should be a sundown clause that allows older Americans to receive benefits but the programs are an albatross on the working Americans neck.  If we cut taxes in tandem with cutting spending we can ignite our most powerful resource of economic development… the American worker.

Lastly we must eliminate many government regulations that hinder growth.  Now, not all regulation can or should be eliminated, but certain governing bodies should but removed like dross from precious metal.  The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for example is just one egregious example of the attempt by government to overreach and control the lives of average American citizens for no reason but political gain.  Other examples of regulators who must face cuts; the Department of Energy, Department of Education, the Food and Drug Administration, and so many more.  Government regulation costs businesses and taxpayers exorbitant amounts of money, which would better be used by consumers making educated purchases.  There are examples of necessary forms of regulation, but by and large we have become a nanny state that attempts to coddle consumers when they don’t need the governments help.  Many consumers are much better educated on the products they use than the government, and government intervention only hurts the economy.

The average American citizen who works 9-5 Monday through Friday, who likes to eat out after church on Sunday and would love to have a brand new TV in their living room, is the real economic hero… we just need to give them the ability to save us all.  So, if we Republicans can unite together behind a candidate who will make extreme cuts to both taxes and spending and will support the elimination of many of these costly regulators and regulations.  Then, we American heroes just might be able to fix our economic problems while once again saving the rest of the world.  All in a day’s work, I say.