What do you think America’s unemployment rate is as you read this column? If you believe the figures reported by the Obama administration and the mainstream media you are being misled. There are substantially fewer Americans working today than when Barack Obama took the oath of office six years ago and, to make matters worse, President Obama’s misguided energy policies are killing more jobs. First let’s get the facts right about the unemployment rate.

Consider what Conn Carroll, Editor of Townhall (April 2014) had to say on this subject: “Yes, unemployment has fallen from 8.2 percent then to 6.6 percent today. But that fall in unemployment is not due to strong job growth. Job creation under President Obama is still anemic. In fact, the U.S. economy still supports fewer jobs today (137.5 million) than it did at its pre-recession peak (138.4).” That is almost one-million fewer people working now than before the recession, something the current administration knows but refuses to tell the American public as it touts the so-called recovery.

I am frequently asked how the unemployment rate can be going down when the number of people working is declining. It’s a perceptive question. Conn Carroll answers the question in this way: “Because, for myriad reasons, more and more Americans are dropping out of the workforce entirely. If the same percentage of Americans were looking for work today, that were looking for work in 2008, the unemployment rate today would be a staggering 11.2 percent.” In other words, the real unemployment rate in America is over 11 percent, and it will only get worse as the president’s anti-job energy policies take effect.

Another question I am frequently asked is: “If the unemployment rate is falling, why don’t Americans have more confidence in the economy and their ability to get a good job?” The answer to this question is simple: the unemployment rate is not falling. Rather, politicians who have an interest in making Americans think the unemployment rate is falling are playing fast and loose with the numbers. The widely reported and applauded figure of 6.6 percent is a hoax knowingly and willfully perpetrated on the American public. The Obama administration, liberals in Congress, and the mainstream media all know that the reported unemployment rate is inaccurate. They know they are playing politics with the numbers and that the unemployment rate appears to be falling only because so many Americans who have been unable to find jobs are simply giving up and dropping out.

Playing a game of distortion and deceit with the unemployment rate is bad enough, but there is an even worse aspect to this sad story: President Obama’s economic and energy policies coupled with Obamacare and his on-going cuts to the defense budget are going to increase unemployment markedly. In fact, unemployment is going to reach a point in this country where even the mainstream media will be unable to cover up the facts. While the real unemployment rate already exceeds 11 percent and is just going to go up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to convince the thousands of Americans in unemployment lines that there isn’t a problem.

Here is what Conn Carroll had to say about the Obama energy policies: “In fact, the failure of Obama’s clean energy agenda to create new jobs was such an embarrassment that the Bureau of Labor Statistics even shut down its new program to count ‘green jobs.’” Obama’s war on coal will put miners and thousands of other people in the coal supply chain out of work. His foot dragging on the Keystone Pipeline threatens to send American jobs to China, and Obamacare is going to transform the typical American worker into a part-time employee. Keep in mind that the American economy will have to create more than 11 million new jobs just to get back to where we were before the great recession set in. Our anemic economy cannot even hope to produce 11 million jobs while dragging the dead weight of Obama’s burdensome, unnecessary, anti-job energy policies and regulations behind it. Employment is going down, not up and we are going to reach a point where even Obama’s propagandists in the mainstream media will be unable to rescue him with their biased, uninformed reporting.

What is particularly sad in this sad affair is that Obama’s eventual comeuppance on the economy, jobs, Obamacare, and energy will not come until after he leaves office. His successor, Democrat or Republican, is going to be left holding the bag for the failures of the Obama administration. If his successor is Hillary, it will be interesting to watch her blame him and him blame her for these failures. On the other hand, while Obama and his successor are spending all of their time pointing the finger of blame at each other, Americans will be suffering in longer and longer unemployment lines. What a country.