“Power-lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind. ” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

We should worry. There are two dangerous growing political power classes in America. They both have status because their members vote. Each group has millions of members. Those who belong do not actually own or direct power; rather, others manipulate them to obtain, keep, and command that power.

In the terminology of Marxists, these types of people are labeled “useful idiots.” Wikipedia defines the term this way:

In political jargon, useful idiot is a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

Who are these millions of people to which I refer? I speak of the uninformed voter and the naive American. Some people are members of both groups.

The toxic combination of these two classes has resulted in an accelerated loss of freedom. This decay of our liberties is rapid and continues. I see no quick remedy. How do you reeducate the already brainwashed masses? How do we undo what years of indoctrination have accomplished via public education, our ultra-liberal universities, and a leftist media?

This duo of the uninformed and naive trumps any influence conservatives can exert at the ballot box. It nullifies a majority of efforts exerted by right wing and patriot organizations. This is an indication that our nation has morphed into a mobocracy, political rule by mobs. In this case the uneducated, uniformed, give-me-my-free-Obamaphone folks populate the mob.

The anger on the right is exacerbated by the realization that the uniformed and naïve combo effectively control the rest of the population. They accomplish this through their votes and political activism that is fueled more by emotion than knowledge. Their actions defy logic. They demand that the masters keep them on the plantation. They like it there.

In spite of their current power, the left is not faring all that well either. The plethora of embarrassing revelations that have emerged this month is grabbing the attention of Americans. As I write this article more damaging details are coming out about the various scandals. This is big trouble for the Obama administration.

On the flipside, the left is angered by the fact their agenda is now brought into question and is stalled. They know they have limited time to get their vision of a governmental utopia fully in place. Their last great opportunity was in the 1960s. Then, they failed, but now those same people, who were protestors then, are people are in places of power and money now.

The swell of tensions in the political realm and the extreme polarization of individuals and groups on the left and right could supply the spark that will ignite what could be a nightmare scenario.

What could that scenario look like? The short answer is a total takeover and transformation of America over a very short period of time. This has already occurred to a large extent since Obama took office. There are countless new Executive Orders, regulations, and laws that could be used to make this possible. If certain things occur as I believe they will, it could happen much soon than later.

Our first threat, as mentioned before, is the uninformed voter. We know that millions of people voted in the last two election cycles who have little knowledge of the issues or the people they voted for.

We also know, for example, by their own admissions, that many pulled the lever for Obama because he is black, because he is handsome, because he is sexy, because he is a good father, or for other wrong reason. He may be all of these things, but this has no bearing on his qualifications to be President of the United States. The consequence of this is that the rest of us will have to suffer for their uninformed and naive choices.

Then, we have the naive Americans. These folks embrace the flawed belief that America holds some special place in God’s eyes and His plans. He needs us, they reason. Therefore, they conclude, that He shields us from the really bad things.

These are those who confidently assert, “This is America! It can’t happen here.” They refer to such things as to what occurred in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. The members of this group do not understand human nature or world history. They are naïve.

Sorry, my naïve friends, it is happening here. The result could be the same or worse than what Hitler or Stalin perpetrated. We must never forget that the nature of humanity has never changed. We haven’t evolved into a kinder gentler creature. We are always capable of the most egregious crimes and cruelties.

The gullibility of this group could help put political dissenters in prison or even the death camps. If you laugh at this possibility, you may be a member of both groups.

There is a black cloud that hangs over the Obama White House. As the scandals continue to unfold the possibility of a drastic and desperate move by the President increases.

Consider, that in short order, the Utah Spy Center will be in full operation. This facility along with other like facilities and various other government agencies could implement a total takeover of the country in the blink of an eye. Former NSA employees have testified to this fact.

Via Presidential Executive Orders and laws already in place there is the power by the federal government to turn off the Internet and other forms of communications. I already reported on our loss of privacy and the secret Spy Center in my article of April 27th, This should scare all of us to full sobriety.

Our attention is currently riveted on Washington, D.C. We watch and wait as the stockpile of Obama scandals plays out. This D.C. drama rivals the best of soap operas with the exception that this particular production will have national and possibly worldwide impact.

I still maintain my conviction that President Obama operates from a fully conscious Marxist worldview. If you follow his history from his mysterious birth until today we find that he has had few friends who were not Marxists. Yet, very few media reporters, politicians, or even FOX commentators will dare even label him a socialist. We are being re-educated.

In the old Soviet Union they had “re-education camps” to change people’s thinking and their worldview. We don’t need those camps here because we have public education and the media. They accomplish the same thing. So, what’s the difference?

The liberal (Marxists) worldview has already been instilled in our children. We’ve lost the next generation. This makes our efforts for a better future very difficult, if not impossible.

Hitler was correct when he said,

When an opponent declares, I will not come over to your side, “I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already…What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but the new community.’” Hitler’s speech, November 6, 1933.