Politco’s report on the matter noted that the FCC based their decision on law, which defines profanity as sexual or excretory in nature. In that case, by definition the commission could not find the word “Redskins” as being profane.

The coach of the Washington Redskins who vowed in an interview with ESPN last year that he would not to cater to controversy and adjust the team’s name/mascot over claims that it’s racist, just received some great news and apparent support for his cause.

The Federal Communication Commission put a crybaby professor from George Washington University in his place who had whined that the Redskins’ name was insensitive. John Banzhaf had filed a petition demanding that the FCC deny the broadcast license renewal for a radio station that is partially owned by the Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, but the commission sent the professor a clear message — No — by denying his ridiculous petition Thursday, according to Politico.

“We find that there have been no serious violations of the [Communications] Act or the rules involving the station or any other violations that, taken together, would constitute a pattern of abuse,” wrote Peter H. Doyle, chief of the Media Bureau’s audio division.

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