September 11, 2001, America changed, forever. The lives, security, and liberties lost, have been replaced with memories, war, and rights violations in exchange for security.

I wonder, if the people who died that day and the American soldiers who have died in the war that followed, could speak to us, what would they say about us and what we have allowed America to become as a result of 9/11?

Would they be discouraged by how quickly Americans forget? Would the soldiers who died, see our appeasement of the enemy as well as our eagerness to give up liberty in the name of security and feel their efforts and sacrifices were in vain?

I will never forget what happened to my country on September 11, 2001. The images of innocent people jumping to their deaths, first responders clawing their way into and out of the debris, risking their own lives to save others.

I will never forget the deep sense of sadness and pain for the people trapped in that inferno and buried alive in coffins of concrete.

I will never forget the shock of coming to the realization that there are people on this earth who HATE America and all she represents: people who despise freedom, prosperity, and patriotism, so much that they are willing to DIE in order to destroy it.

Today as I reflect on this cold blooded attack, I can not help but feel discouraged that so many Americans watched this clear declaration of war against our nation, yet, did not take the time to examine why this happened, who the real enemy is, and drive behind the hate that led to the attack.

I did examine. I know why it happened. I now know the enemy and the root of the evil that drives it.

Osama Bin Laden was not THE enemy. He was only a tool. American foreign policy was not the issue.
The people who committed these crimes were not RADICALS. They were DEVOUT muslims, simply following the 109 dictates in their Quran of hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.

The fact that muslims are allowed through “taqiyya” to lie about Islam in order to further its mission does not help in exposing the truth about Islam, yet, beneath the rosy assurances from Muslim apologists that Islam is about peace and tolerance, lies a much darker reality that better explains the violence and deeply-rooted indifference that muslims have for all other human beings.

Simply put, the Quran teaches supremacy, hate and hostility. Consider the elements that define hate speech:

  • Drawing a distinction between one’s own identity group and those outside it
  • Moral comparison based on this distinction
  • Devaluation or dehumanization of other groups and the personal superiority of one’s own
  • The advocating of different standards of treatment based on identity group membership
  • A call to violence against members of other groups

Sadly, and in spite of the best intentions of many decent people who are Muslim, the Quran qualifies as hate speech on each count.

There is a bloody trail through history that accompanies Islam. In the 1,400 years of Islam, Muslims have murdered 270 million people. I hardly think American foreign policy was at play 1,400 years ago. Since 9/11, Muslims have committed over 19,000 deadly terror attacks worldwide, and at least 30 attacks planned on American soil have been thwarted. There are 35 Islamic Terror Training Camps in America as I write this.

The fact is, Islam is a theocracy/terrorist organization that hides behind the mask of religion in order to achieve its mission of world domination. That is their plan and has been the plan from the very beginning. Islam can not and will not peacefully co-exist with any religion or form of government that does not use Sharia Law.

It saddens me that in over 50 court cases in this country, our American judges have allowed Constitutional law to be trumped by Sharia Law in cases involving muslims.

Those judges should be removed from the bench. We are a Constitutional Republic and we live by Constitutional Law.

As I watch civilization jihad (the methodical infiltration of islam and sharia) grow and expand into virtually every branch of our government and every area of our society, which, by the way is part of the documented plan by the Muslim Brotherhood for the destruction of America from within, I get so angry with my fellow Americans who have eyes yet do not see, ears, but do not hear, and minds that so quickly forget.

I WILL NEVER FORGET NOR WILL I EVER SUBMIT TO ISLAM. I will spend the rest of my life exposing truth about this sly, cunning, enemy, who is using the Constitution of my country against us, who is using political correctness to its advantage, and dividing our ranks with deception.

I, like many other Americans, am not deceived and will continue to toss fuel on the flames of TRUTH. The TRUTH is there for all to see, but, the question is, will the rest of America awaken from its politically correct stupor, or continue its dazed existence until one day the choices have changed? It is the choice that always accompanies a nation of people that becomes a nation of Islam: “SUBMIT OR DIE.”

For more information supporting the facts in this article, view “Islamic Terror Training Camps in America,” or read “Quran, Verses of Violence.”