All right, folks, here we go.  “Federal telecommunications regulators, the FCC, approved new rules Tuesday that would for the first time give the federal government formal authority to regulate Internet traffic, although how much or for how long remained unclear.  A divided Federal Communications Commission approved a proposal by Chairman Julius Genachowski to give the FCC power to prevent broadband providers from selectively blocking web traffic.” And that’s just a ruse.  This net neutrality is not what this is really all about.  This is about the Feds wanting to control the Internet just as they control the public airwaves. They want to be able to determine who gets to say what, where, how often.  They want to be able to determine what search services are providing what answers to your queries.  It’s total government control of the Internet and the regime has just awarded it to itself, after a court said no, after a court denied them this authority, they went ahead and did it anyway.  

“The rules will go into effect early next year, but legal challenges or action by Congress could block the FCC’s action,” and there will be both.  But they were expressly prohibited from doing this by a court of law, just like a court rejected the drilling moratorium in the Gulf, and Ken Salazar says, (paraphrasing) “Oh, doesn’t matter, we’ll just ban it again.”  The rule of law doesn’t matter to this bunch.

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