There is a great divide among the political parties today that seems to be without compromise. You’ll hear the word compromise bantered about like it is some kind of grand goal, but anymore it means sacrificing your beliefs in order to pass some law that no one likes.

Many people do not understand the differences within the parties and are even registered with a party that does not agree with them on several of the issues of the day. Today the Democratic Party has become the liberal party while the Republican Party has embraced the conservative mantel. Liberals tend to believe in a strong government to help achieve equality for all in both social and economic issues. Conservatives tend to believe in personal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty. We can see this in some of the hot issues of the day:

1. Gun Control – Liberals believe that the 2nd amendment is for states and their local militias and individuals do not need guns. Conservatives believe that the 2nd amendment is to protect us from a tyrannical government.

2. Immigration – Liberals support amnesty and government benefits for illegals. Conservatives believe in legal immigration and border security.

3. Marriage – Liberals support gay marriage. Conservatives believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

4. Taxes and spending – Liberals support higher taxes especially for the wealthy while supporting deficit spending. Conservatives support fair, low, flat taxes while supporting a balanced budget.

5. Abortion – Liberals believe the right to an abortion shall not be infringed. Conservatives believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder.

6. Education – Liberals support government schools only. Conservatives support school choice through vouchers and charter schools.

7. Energy – Liberals support green energy. Conservatives support responsibly using all available energy resources.

8. Welfare – Liberals support government handouts to provide fairness. Conservatives support hand ups to get people the help they need to get on their own.

9. Religion – Liberals support separation of church and state and believe religious expression has no place in government. Conservatives believe government cannot establish a national church, but that religious heritage can be celebrated and respected.

10. Terrorism – Liberals believe that terrorism is the fault of arrogant American foreign policy. Conservatives believe that militant Islamists are evil and need to be destroyed.

So where are you? Do you agree with more than half of these issues with one of the ideologies? Are you registered to vote accordingly? Some will say that since they don’t agree with every issue they need to be independent. Though admirable in this believe, will your voice be heard before the primaries when candidates decide to run? Like it or not we currently live in a two party system that has made it virtually impossible to start a third party. Where things get stirred up is from the grass root efforts like the fiscal conservative TEA Party has shown. They have gotten their values elected trough candidates they supported.

You need to be involved with where these believes are started and policies are begun. If you don’t your choice of candidates will be greatly limited and your beliefs might be ignored. Get involved in your local parties executive committees. See what is going on, who they are supporting, get your voice heard. Our country today does not seem to have your voice in it. Is it because you are sitting on the sidelines?