By now, you’ve probably caught wind of the Pentagon’s confirmation that Christian military personnel could be prosecuted for sharing their faith – chaplain’s included. Most Christians I know who heard the news just shook their heads and shrugged. “I can’t believe it”  That seems to be the common reaction.

People are outraged that the Obama administration isn’t just dancing around removing our freedom of religion anymore.  This is a war…and we’re losing.  Christians are now not legally allowed to obey Christ’s command to go and share the Gospel. It’s devastating.

I do think there is a bit of misplaced blame though, on our President. This is bigger than one man. Despite his best executive-order-efforts, we remain, “we the people.” So, do “we the people” want to blot God out of our DNA? That’s how it seems.

Christians and conservatives who never spoke up before broke out of their shells and got active in their activism when our very leftist President got elected, and then reelected. However, we continue to see these liberal leaps in our legislation. And, there are a lot of people who want this. They are ignorant to the consequences they will reap by creating a “do as you please” society. They are willfully handing their freedoms to a man eager to take them.

So, what are we to do? I can think of a handful of my friends on Facebook who were SO active in social media up until Election Day. I would go to their Facebook pages every day and learn. They sparked feuds between old friends – by getting people talking about what was being done on Capitol Hill. But, I noticed that November silenced many of these voices. They just gave up.

I’ll admit, I felt a little wave of hopelessness for our country sweep over me on election night, but I didn’t stay in that place. There are decisions being made every single day, in Washington, that affect everything about each of our lives. If this battle was over and Obama won, then by now, we would have no guns, no religious right, gay marriage and no-limits abortion legal across the country, and a completely crippled economic system.

We may not be thriving, but we’re not dead. The Obama administration did not win the gun debate. Arkansas now has the strictest abortion laws in the country. The horrific Gosnell trial got people thinking about what really happens in these “Women’s Clinics” acrross the country. Ignorant people are waking up and battles are being won for our team. Now is not the time to quit reading the news and take to Pinterest Posts of do-it-yourself t-shirt scarves.

When I read about the military losing their right to proselytize – I did the same thing my friends did. I shook my head and said “I know, I can’t believe it either.” But, we can’t stop at shock. We have got to use the voices that God gave us and speak up for our rights. That doesn’t just mean being an activist – that also means informing the next generation.

I run one of our Liberty Alliance websites for conservatives under 30 – It is our mission to be a conservative voice for our generation – a generation that often gets overlooked or patronized because of our ignorance. Please, don’t patronize your grandkids who are watching the E! channel and tweeting about hombre hair on their iPhones. Part of the reason they are trapped in the dark is because there are not enough older people reaching out to them and telling them what’s happening.

They don’t understand the consequences of these Obama policies that are giving them free health insurance and “equality.” No one is telling them. Instead, they’re getting eyes rolled at them by the older generations. The older people who are trying to talk to them do it in a way they can’t relate to. I was one of the ignorant 20somethings not so long ago – and now I’m an active 20something, trying to get people to see the truth. Why? Because older people in my life were patient with me. They didn’t shout at me with a megaphone (the ones who did were ones I didn’t listen to). They talked to me respectfully and told me what was happening, even when I didn’t care yet. They didn’t scoff at my questions – they helped me understand. Then, people my age being negatively affected by our government came to me, like my friend Maria, 28, who has a terminal illness, but isn’t getting the care she needs because of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Let me charge you today to talk to your kids. If they don’t care to listen, then get creative and try to show them what’s happening by getting on their level and informing them about something they care about specifically. In this political climate, it nearly impossible to find any aspect of life that is untouched by our big government problem. Obama and the government are not the whole problem; we are a big part of the problem. But, we are also the solution. So, get intentional and talk to your grandkids!