“Florida’s Capitol,” writes CBS Miami, “will have a new holiday decoration this year. The Satanic Temple will be among its nativity scenes and secular presentations.”

The Florida Department of Management Services this week approved the proposed holiday display from the Satanic Temple, which a year ago was rejected because the agency said its proposal was “grossly offensive.”

So is turnabout fair play in this decision by the Sunshine State to suppress its distaste for the display and allow it to go forward this year? Pam Olsen, president of the Florida Prayer Network, seems at best ambivalent:

This is not a religious endorsement by our state government. It’s freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and we will all be up there. But are they really putting them up to wish everyone a happy holiday from the atheists and the Satanists, or are they up there to protest baby Jesus?

Good question. CBS News ran it by Lucien Greaves, a spokesman for the temple, who had this to say:

We hope that, this holiday season, everybody can put their religious differences aside and respect that the celebratory spirit of responsible hedonism is available to all.

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