More idiocy from the left.

Earlier today, Katie wrote about Shaneen Allen, a firearm owner from Pennsylvania who ventured into New Jersey, got caught, and now faces up to ten years in prison. She’s a single mother with two sons. Allen bought a handgun after she was robbed twice; she also has a concealed carry permit. Before this incident, she was a law-abiding citizen. Yet, one must wonder why New Jersey courts think owning a gun is worse than beating your wife (via Glenn Reynolds/ USA Today):

When Ray Rice beat his wife unconscious in an elevator, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Donio and New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain agreed to put him in a diversion program for 1st-time offenders to keep him out of jail. But when Pennsylvania single mom Shaneen Allen was pulled over for a traffic violation and volunteered to a New Jersey police officer that she was carrying a legally-owned handgun with a Pennsylvania permit, the response of Donis and McClain was to deny her the same opportunity as Rice.

Both Donio and McClain have been unwilling to dismiss the charges, or send Allen to a pretrial diversion program. They seem to want to make an example of her.

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