Those opposing Obamacare Lite are regarded as renegade Republicans, but they are the best allies the President has!

According to the media narrative, the renegade Republicans are the ones who refuse to vote for Paul Ryan’s replacement of Obamacare. Is that true? Or is Paul Ryan and those on his side the real renegades?

The Associated Press reports the renegade Republicans face dire consequences for refusing to vote for Ryan’s plan.

The scheduled roll call vote for the bill backed by President Donald Trump is a crucial first test of whether Republicans are willing to defy the White House and face the wrath of a president who has bragged about never forgetting a slight. Trump has shown he’s willing to use his megaphone and practiced counter-punch against his allies. But the vote comes as Trump’s poll numbers have slouched and his White House is consumed with damaging distractions.

A group of breakaway Republicans, including several members of the deeply conservative House Freedom Caucus, on Wednesday remain unbowed, taking comfort in the political safety they feel in their home districts.

Members are well aware they face possible primary threats if they vote against the bill the White House has cast as the only chance to make good on a GOP promise to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law.

This is not credible. The Republicans who refuse to vote for this odious bill should not be considered rebels. The real renegade Republicans are the ones who follow Paul Ryan in betraying the GOP base.

They aren’t going to face consequences. If Donald Trump is seen as having straddled the country and economy with Obamacare Lite, he will end up as a one-term President. Those seen as renegade Republicans are trying to save his presidency.

Paul Ryan’s role in this farce is painful to watch but not surprising. What is really shocking is the role of someone who is arguably more hated than Trump in the White House.

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told holdout lawmakers Wednesday: “You all have to vote for this. We’ve got to do this. I know you don’t like it, but you have to vote for this,” according to several representatives present. The comment came after Trump told a group Tuesday that “many of you will lose your seats in 2018” if Republicans don’t pass a health care bill.

The Republicans were given massive victories in 2010, 2014, and then in 2016. The promise to repeal Obamacare was behind all those triumphs. This behavior is self-destructive and delusional—delusional because they don’t admit to how they are betraying voters and damaging the Republican brand just when we have the power to fulfill our repeated promises. Worse, we will remove Obama’s name from the law and attach the Republican reputation to it. Whether the mess is called Ryancare or Trumpcare, Republicans will own it. Barack Obama and the Democrats will be off the hook!

The renegade Republicans who refuse to support this monstrosity are supporting Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and America.