There’s Trey Gowdy and then there’s this guy.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says, “don’t think that regulations are hurting you.” Johnson even relates federal regulations in America to being in kindergarten.

On the House floor Tuesday, Johnson explained his feelings about federal regulations in America;

“I’ll take note of the fact that when I went to kindergarten we had a set of rules up on the board. Everywhere you go, you’re going to have a set of rules. The rules of the federal government, which are vast and broad – foreign policy, domestic policy, space, cyberspace.”

“I mean, this country that we live in is not a great country because it chose simplicity as its motto.”

“We have a lot of rules we have to live by and those are the things that help make America a great country and guess what, ladies and gentlemen? It’s you and your family members and friends who populate this federal government.”

“You are the ones who are the rule makers. They want to try to turn you into people who are trying to do something to hurt others when the only thing you’re trying to do is do your job that will help others be able to live lives and create a better America for ourselves and most importantly, our children.”

“So don’t get it twisted. Don’t think that regulations are hurting you. Regulations are causing what benefits you are taking advantage of now.”

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