Freshman Rep. Tim Scott on Thursday said that, as a black American, he’s proud of President Obama’s accomplishments, but that Mr. Obama is failing as a leader.

“Americans have come a long in the last 40 years, and President Obama being elected is in fact another indicator of how far this country has come,” Mr. Scott, South Carolina Republican, said during an interview on The Washington Times-affiliated “America’s Morning News” radio broadcast. “We can be proud of what he’s accomplished, [but] the only thing that matters to the American people and to me is what he does … not what he looks like.”

“When you take a look at the last three years of President Obama’s performance, one must stop and say, ‘If you have an 84 percent increase in domestic spending, and you have 9-plus percent unemployment, can he lead economically?’ I would say the answer is no. When you spend $3.5 trillion in stimuluses and bailouts and gimmicks to try to get the economy going and yet you still wind up with 9 percent unemployment — does a president have a plan? I would say no.”

The 45-year-old Mr. Scott, of Charleston, is hosting a Thursday-evening town-hall meeting in his hometown with GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann. He said his congressional colleague would bring her own unique set of qualities to the White House.

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