While lawmakers continue to call for a budget deal that addresses the country’s growing deficit, Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is taking it one step further by calling for that deal to be negotiated in public.

“I acknowledge that people can enter into private discussions to help them form and reach certain compromises, but what we’ve been seeing is a pattern of hugely important issues being negotiated by a very small number of people, then produced to Congress for rapid passage before some emergency event occurs,” said Sessions.

“The whole idea of the American legislative process is that people offer legislation, it’s referred to committee, they take testimony, vote, it goes to the floors and is available for full debate,” he told TheDC. Obama and his negotiating counterparts on Capitol Hill, Sessions added, “want to be able to make proposals in secret and not be held accountable.”

“So when you reach a matter a serious as the debt limit issue, I’d like to know what [Vice President] Biden proposed. I’d like to know how much tax increases they proposed,” the Senator added. “Why don’t they tell us if they think it’s good policy?”

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