We’ve been told by Administration apologists that we shouldn’t have anything to fear from enhanced phone and online surveillance, if we have nothing to hide. (The authors of the Fourth Amendment certainly didn’t feel that way, did they?) Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) brilliantly turned this line of thinking against the White House, by asking the House Oversight committee to subpoena the National Security Agency’s phone call metadata for communication between the White House and IRS:

Stockman’s office hand delivered a letter Tuesday afternoon to the Committee’s office requesting a subpoena “of all records of every phone call made from all public and private telephones of all IRS personnel to all public and private telephones of all White House personnel” collected under the NSA’s recently-revealed PRISM program.

“Obama assures the public he only collected this information to uncover wrongdoing and protect civil liberties. Clearly he would want us to use it to investigate this case, because otherwise he’d be lying,” said Stockman.

“If Obama has nothing to hide he has nothing to fear,” said Stockman.

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