Yet another taxpayer-funded professor is assaulting the Bill of Rights. In an op-ed in his local Portland newspaper, professor Tom Hastings of Portland State University actually called for the “repeal” of the Second Amendment.

Now before we even get into the constitutional ignorance it would require to make such an emotional, nonsensical statement, I want to address what many in media are overlooking with regard to these so-called academics.

I spent a lot of time in academia – years as both a student and a university instructor. I know guys like Hastings from a student perspective and from a colleague perspective. Some may think that it is a ridiculous statement by a college professor who has never set foot in the real world outside of his ivory tower. I contend that there is something far more insidious lurking at the surface of Hastings’ statements. I went on “Fox & Friends” this weekend to discuss the flaw in his argument, but there wasn’t time to address what I think is a far more dangerous scenario behind his propaganda.

In his editorial, Hastings accidentally revealed the cards of the statists’ latest, and truly Orwellian, New Speak efforts. He referred to the Supreme Court’s decisions to uphold the Second Amendment as supporting “Big Brother.” Many glossed right over his words that somehow the Bill of Rights is Big Brother, as some sort of misstatement or sheer ignorance. It isn’t. I recognize this line of propaganda for what it is: a deliberate insinuation that the Bill of Rights actually is Big Brother – a critical spin on a conservative line that attracts freedom-loving students on college campuses.

This is the cultivation of a very dangerous twist of truth that statists are busily evangelizing in our universities. They take the natural independence/ invincibility bent of young, inexperienced (pre-wise) youth at the college level and teach them that Big Brother is not the overreaching bureaucracy of regimes like the Obama administration, or other socialist governments. They say instead that Big Brother is somehow our Founding Fathers, and their documents like the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. They give their fable the ominous twist of the archaic haunting of dead, white men who lived more than 200 years ago, trying to control our lives today. Then they ask the obvious question that culminates from such a scenario: Why would you want to live under the rule of “Big Brother” (200-year dead, old, white men who can’t possibly understand society today)?

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