For all the talk about the taxation issue associated with the ACA, it’s worth noting that a major storm’s a-brewin’ in the states over Medicaid expansion. In the five short days since the Supreme Court ruled that the feds couldn’t withhold existing Medicaid funding from states that opt not to expand, many governors have expressed ambivalence about opening the rolls.

As Katie mentioned yesterday, Rick Scott (Florida), Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), and Scott Walker (Wisconsin) have all flatly refused to expand their states’ programs. Terry Branstad (Iowa), Chris Christie (New Jersey), Phil Bryant (Mississippi), Nikki Haley (South Carolina), Mitch Daniels (Indiana), and Bob McDonnell (Virginia) have also expressed reticence, if not outright refusal, to take on the new program. Even Rick Snyder of Michigan won’t commit to expanding Medicaid, citing budgetary concerns.

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