CNN invited me on to defend my previous comments about the Gay Glee Kiss.  I remember saying, “Secular humanism controls the airwaves and has stolen the innocence of an entire generation.”

What was the fall out?

I’m performing in Atlantic City this week with Joe Piscopo and I find out that the “Cher” impersonator in the drag queen review on the floor above us is upset with my comments.  So,  after my show, I go up to meet “fake-Cher” and tell him/her that I love him/her and I’m sorry if my words were hurtful, but I still believe that homosexuality is a sin and a factor in the weakening of the family unit, which is the foundation of any good society.  (I sin too, and my sin is equal to their sin, Romans 1:18-2:2.   The difference is I’m not trying to convince the world that my sin is “a good thing” and that they should emulate me.)  Also, if it’s such a hard life, why confuse young, innocent minds and even present them the option?

I see some young men furtively exit the elevator and slip into the gay club.

In the hallway outside the gay bar, towering above me in high platform heels,  wig, bustier and falsies, “Cher” approaches me and we begin to debate the authenticity of the Bible and the options a homosexual has in this life on earth we’ve been given.

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