We all hoped that Trump would simply repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Just toss or defund the massive liberty/wealth-crushing bill.  But, it seems that his establishment advisers have convinced him that the world will end without a replacement.  The problem is, the GOP has no better understanding of how to pay for this entitlement than the DNC had.

In a very good article, Katie McHugh explains why this replacement bill will destroy the GOP.

She points out seven reasons that this will happen.

  • increase healthcare costs for Trump voters in critical states.
  • Meanwhile, the bill is “a gift to illegal aliens,” as conservative author Daniel Horowitz writes. The bill’s provisions
  • Obamacare 2.0 will be labeled as “Trumpcare,” and Democrats and their media allies will highlight every hard case to attack Republicans for hurting the poor and elderly.
  • Republicans kicked things off with horrific messaging.
  • The arbitrary and crushing penalty for not enrolling during the randomly-selected period will hurt financially struggling voters already fighting to stay afloat.
  • This bill is going to unleash the kind of political fury on Republicans that will elect Elizabeth Warren in 2020.
  • It destroys political capital desperately needed for the rest of Trump’s first term, particularly pro-American immigration reform.

I want to focus your attention to 1 & 5.  In these reasons, we see the very reason that the Obamacare brought down the DNC over the last two election cycles.  Here we once again have pie in the sky brought down to earth.

We cannot give anything away that is not first paid for by someone else.  This means that if we are going to have healthcare for the poor provided at no cost, then the wealthier of society will have to foot the bill.  But here instead of the rich (always the DNC’s victim of choice), we have the middle-class.

If Trump is true to his promise to put Americans first, then he better put a stop to this bill and fast.

You think the Lefties rioted when he went in, wait until this bill comes due.  Prov. 13:12 teaches us that disappointment is crushing.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

People who have their hope crushed find they have nothing to lose, and the right is well armed.

It could get ugly for Trump fast.