Conservatives are expected to vote on replacing Obamacare with a government plan that is no better. They aren’t buying it.

Why vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare with something that is just as bad? I recently discussed how Paul Ryan’s plan is “Obamacare Lite” at best. Not only is Rand Paul against the plan, but also conservative talk show host Dana Loesch. Notice that she says the proffered plan is an insult to Donald Trump—an amazing statement from someone who was a NeverTrump Republican not too long ago.

Yesterday, Rand Paul pointed out on Face The Nation that Paul Ryan was trying to prevent any negotiation on his bill. Via Real Clear Politics:

PAUL: I have talked to the president, I think, three times on Obamacare. And I hear from him that he is willing to negotiate. You know what I hear from Paul Ryan? It is a binary choice, young man.

And – but what does a binary choice mean? His way or the highway. There are two choices, according to him.

DICKERSON: Well, I think his argument would be, the binary choice, you do this now through reconciliation, a Senate process that is kind of a pain, and then you have a second piece of legislation that does the rest.

PAUL: Well, what we are hearing is a binary choice is, it is the Ryan plan or the status quo. 

And what he has rammed through his committee is his, without any amendments. And that’s a question. If we get what we have got from Ryan, Obamacare-lite, he will not have the votes. And we have to get to that point before true negotiations begin.

Right now, I think there is a charm offensive going on. Everybody is being nice to everybody, because they want us to vote for this. But we are not going to vote for it.

Rand Paul says that Donald Trump is not the force behind Paul Ryan’s insistence on his plan. On the contrary, as he says below on the O’Reilly Factor, Trump seems much more open to negotiation.

I do not understand what Paul Ryan is doing. It seems that he is transforming the idea of replacing Obamacare with rescuing Obamacare since his plan includes a bailout of the insurance companies according to Rand Paul.

If the Republicans vote in favor of replacing Obamacare with Obamacare they will own Obamacare thereafter and be held responsible for the financial disaster that follows.

It seems to me that Conservative and Libertarian-leaning Republicans in Congress would be better off to keep the status quo. Obamacare is already heading to disaster. It will collapse under its own weight and it was designed exclusively by Democrats. It will be all on them.

At that point, Congress might find it easier to implement some helpful reforms that allow the marketplace to function as it should without the temptation to create a comprehensive government system that makes everyone happy—a goal that the government can never reach.

Replacing Obamacare with nothing would be a lot better than replacing it with another Obamacare.