By Jeff Dunetz

Dr. Indur Goklany, who was a member of the delegation that set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)…

…and helped develope its first assessment report, has slammed a WHO report of 250,000 deaths/year from global warming between 2030 and 2050 as preposterous.

The WHO’s released in the run up to the UN Summit on climate change in September claims that 95,000 more people would die each year from malnutrition, 60,000 from malaria, 48,000 from diarrhea and 38,000 elderly who would die from heat exposure, all because of the global warming hypothesis.

Dr. Goklany’s rebuttal published by The Global Warming Policy Foundation, called “Unhealthy Exaggeration, The Who Report On Climate Change (embedded below) points out the WHO report account for the human species’ ability to adapt. In other words, like most progressive predictions it assumes that mankind is too stupid to adapt.

The briefing sheet put out with the study does not explain the assumptions made when creating the predictions. Rather, that info is buried in a summary table in the full report.

Under the column heading “potential options not included in the model” is the revelation that the diarrhea prediction does not include the possibility of “improved water, sanitation and hygiene”…


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