Fellow conservative, aren’t we getting tired of this little song and dance with the GOP? The establishment GOP has become so enamored with itself that any advice, any request from outside their number, gets immediately denied. The latest vote for Speaker of the House is just one more example, in a long train of them, proving that the GOP has turned a deaf ear to their constituents.

Whatever is happening in the halls of Congress is broken. Almost 65% of GOP voters wanted Boehner out as Speaker of the House, and yet… only 25 Representatives (out of 246 Republicans) chose to listen to their constituents and vote against Boehner.

Can you honestly tell me that when 65% of your voters want something and just 10% of their “REPRESENTATIVES” vote for it, that the systems isn’t broken?

Let me narrow things down a bit and focus in on my local corner of America. Georgia.

In my home state, we have two newly elected Representatives, Mr. Jody Hice and Mr. Barry Loudermilk. Both talked a big game about their opposition to John Boehner. But when the rubber met the road, neither of them followed through. Both men voted for Boehner.

The Hill expected both of these freshmen Congressman to vote no as well.

Rep.-elect Jody Hice (R-Ga.) — Expressed dissent against Boehner when the House GOP Conference held its leadership elections in November.

Rep.-elect Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) — Freshman said he’d stand up to Boehner.

Jody Hice’s example, in particular, hurts because he took over for the honorable and liberty minded Dr. Paul Broun as the representative from Georgia’s 10th District. In 2013, Dr. Broun was one of the few men to stand up and speak out against John Boehner (Broun voted for Allen West as Speaker of the House back in 2013), and he would have done so again had he not tried to win the Senate seat of retiring Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.

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