The finger pointing and savaging of the Tea Party and Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz began weeks ago and it has been unrelenting. Many in the senate had been laying in wait all through the summer as Senator Cruz traveled the nation calling attention to Obamacare and its potentially devastating impact on Americans and their families.

Instead of locking arms in solidarity many of the Republicans in the mainstream joined the liberal pundits and President Barrack Obama in undermining the very facts that Cruz and other Tea Party leaders had been presenting. The Obama scare machine was in full effect and much of its fuel was supplied by so-called Republican lawmakers like Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham. These beltway insiders were attempting to deal Cruz and the Tea Party a fatal knockout punch after Cruz’s twenty-one hour senate filibuster.

When the president recently refused to negotiate over the shutting down of the government which he and his senate bagman Majority Leader Harry Reed of Nevada had engineered, Republican pundits attempted to tar and feather the freshman senator from Texas.

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