Only 28 House Republicans voted for the clean debt increase.
Check it out:

The “clean” debt ceiling capitulation announced by House Republican leadership yesterday did indeed pass, on a 221-201 vote, driven swiftly through the House because there was icy weather coming, and also this is the kind of sandwich one must eat quickly, with nose held and eyes closed.

The restoration of military pensions cut in the Ryan-Murray budget deal, originally meant to be the final price of the debt ceiling increase, was broken off into a separate bill, which passed 326-90. Paul Ryan is one of the Republicans who voted “no” on that, cleaving to the deal he worked out with Senate Democrats. While there is considerable support among Republican voters for undoing the military pension cuts, it was a bit difficult to sell a measure that would, after all, increase spending as a concession for granting more debt to our insolvent government. It seems better to have it as a separate bill.

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