One of the more befuddling aspects of the Republican fight to stop Obamacare is the constant infighting within the GOP about how to go about blocking the health care law.

The party can’t agree, because thwarting the implementation of Obamacare means different things depending on which GOP senator or representative you ask.

For the vocal faction of Republicans who helped Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, lead a 21-hour, filibuster-style speech this week against Obamacare, victory requires nothing short of stopping the entire law cold, even if it means blocking a resolution to keep the federal government from shutting down.

But for many other Republicans, success in repealing Obamacare can come piecemeal, by chipping away at parts of the law, like the 2.3-percent medical device tax that’s unpopular with Democrats and Republicans, or a provision in the law that provides special healthcare subsidies for congressional staffers.

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